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Our Story



The local coffee landscape was relatively underdeveloped when we first started our coffee venture, with Turkish coffee manufacturers flooding the market and all espresso beans, capsules, and filter coffee imported from abroad.

Our goal was to redefine Egyptians' relationship with specialty coffee and develop the local palate by introducing the finest single-origin beans and coffee blends.

Katzala Coffee first hit the market to supply the HORECA industry after months of painstaking research into coffee, how its made, its suppliers and growers, and how to develop top-tier blends. We were the first to introduce coffee from 100% Arabica beans from El Salvador and roast Central American beans in Egypt.



Expanding to Africa, we began sourcing Arabica and Robusta beans from Uganda and introduced our home blends. Our Central American range also grew as we introduced beans from Honduras.


In a bid to offer even more variety, we began producing filter coffee and the first locally-manufactured, Nespresso-compatible capsules. We also branched out of the B2B sector and began selling our coffee in supermarkets and specialist food stores across the country.



After perfecting our in-house decaffeination method, we became the first to make decaf coffee in Egypt. Nicaraguan beans were added to our list of single-origin Central American coffee.


We were also able to secure deals with 200 cafes and restaurants, and over 30 five-star hotels and resorts in Egypt. After signing an agency agreement in Saudi Arabia, we began supplying the GCC market.


In October 2019, we were recognized for our efforts as a fast-growing SME with exceptional production quality at the 'Egypt Can Conference for Investment & Development' under the auspices of the nation's president. Egypt's Ministers of Immigration & Egyptian Expatriates and Planning & Administration Reform presented us with the award.



To cater to more price-sensitive customers, we introduced our commercial coffee range, Café Du Nil, and began supplying it to all-inclusive hotels and budget resorts. We also introduced our Turkish coffee range.


With our newly launched white-label services in 2020, we helped many local companies establish coffee brands with custom blends and offerings. To keep up with our growing demand, we grew our roasting capacity from 30MT/month to 120MT/month through an in-house, automated roasting production line.



Despite a global pandemic, we grew over 100% in revenues and secured a five-year contract to supply our commercial coffee range to more than 40 F&B outlets in Egyptian airports.



In the face of economic downturns and currency devaluations, we successfully grew over 150% in revenues and made our first international appearance at the SIAL Paris exhibition.


Our management team moved into a 360 sqm office in Zamalek with a built-in barista training facility; we also further grew our automated roasting production line, setting our new production capacity at 300 MT/month.

Our Clients

The HORECA partners trusting us with their brews

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