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Pouring Coffee into Filter

Misr International Coffee Company


At MICC, we source high-grade beans

from nutrient-rich areas in Central America and Africa, roasted in-house, to give you the best single-origin and custom blend coffees.

Our Cairo-based company provides all the tools you need to create an exceptional cup of coffee, whether premium Italian coffee equipment, servicing and maintenance, or barista training for staff. For companies looking to create their own coffee blends, we can help simplify the process with our white-label services.

Operating since 2017, we are now a reputable coffee company in Egypt with both commercial and individual clients and two trademarked ranges: Katzala and Café Du Nil. We've been exporting since 2019 to Saudi Arabia and plan to expand our regional presence.


Our Mission

We believe that what we do is a craft; a blend of art, skill, science, and technology. We work with passion, pride, and integrity to give clients everything they need for an exceptional cup of coffee.

our trusted

Coffee Brands

Katzala Logo-11.png

Katzala is our line of estate-grown and artisanal roasted coffees sourced from Central America. The name comes from the Mayan expression for the Quetzal, a magnificent bird with deep historical and cultural significance found in Central America's volcanic mountain ranges, forests, and reserves.

All Katzala coffees harvested and processed from Central America are either Strictly High Grown (SHG) or High Grown (HG) from plantations at, or above, 1,500m above sea level. We choose agricultural partners with diverse varieties of coffee in areas with peak climate conditions and rich volcanic soil ideal for yielding coffee of the highest quality.

10_19 Cafe du Nil Logo Final-04.png

Café du Nil, or Coffee of the Nile, is our commercial coffee range sourced from African countries situated along the Nile. Nurtured by the river basin's enriched soil, Arabica and Robusta varieties thrive in the region–giving us exceptional quality beans and blends. All beans are hand-picked and inspected before being roasted and distributed to our commercial clientele.

Serving over 200 F&B outlets and 30 five-star hotels and resorts in Egypt

Our Products

some of 

premium quality

Intenso Blend Coffee

café (5).png

Know your farmer, know your coffee.


We ethically source our Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from smallholder farmers and cooperatives in rural areas of Central America and Africa. Each batch of our coffee we source is inspected, handpicked, and evaluated by certified cuppers.

Specialty coffee has become the fastest-growing range within the global coffee industry as consumers worldwide opt for the depth and complexity of quality coffee. According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) a coffee is deemed specialty when it receives 80 points or higher from professional cuppers. With a score of 83+, our coffees stand among the crème de la crème of the coffee industry.

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